3D Coin Maker

These actions will convert your photos into awesome 3D scenes with golden coins!


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Operating System: Windows, macOS
Photoshop : CC, CS6 Extended
Photoshop Elements : Not available


Detailed description:

The "3D Coin Maker" is a set of 3D Photoshop actions for Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 Extended. These creative actions will convert your photos into golden or silver coins!

For best results, I recommend you use face portrait photos (full face or profile) photographed over a plain background with non distracting details.

The zip file contains two folders:

  • The first folder contains an action set, which runs in the latest English Photoshop CC version.
  • The second folder contains a PSD file and an action set. Use these files if you have a non-English Photoshop CC copy (any version) or Photoshop CS6 Extended. Load the PSD file and then run the actions.

There is a Quick Guide action, which creates a page with the instructions that show you how to use this addon.


GALLERY PHOTO CREDITS: The links to the photos used in the coins' photo gallery are: 'woman in gray sweater' by Sound On, 'man facing sideways' by Spencer Selover

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