Create 130+ conventional and creative filmstrip effects: horizontal, vertical and bent filmstrips; film canisters; clapperboards; circular strips; loops, and more! The Photoshop actions make extensive use of smart objects that let you easily replace the filmstrip photos.


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Operating System: Windows, macOS
Photoshop : CC, CS6, CS5, CS4
Photoshop Elements : 2021 to 15


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Note: The trial version contains a small subset of the actions in the full version.

Detailed description:

The FILMSTRIPS actions create a large number (138) of different filmstrips inspired by the classic 35mm film gauge. The actions make extensive use of vectors and produce consistently crisp details, regardless the size of your photos. You can use the same action to produce a small filmstrip image for a web gallery, or a very big filmstrip for a banner! You won’t have to re-size the document and lose quality.

The images produced are fully layered, making extensive use of advanced, non-destructive techniques. You can go back and edit these filmstrips just like you would do with a Photoshop template (replace one or more photos, change the colors and so on). Compared to PSD templates, the biggest advantage of these actions is that you are not constrained by pre-defined filmstrip sizes: you enter your preferred filmstrip size; in a few seconds you'll get a Photoshop image with sharp details.

The bundle includes 3 sets of actions:

Flat filmstrips
flat filmstrips
This set contains 25 actions, which produce horizontal and vertical filmstrips, using up to 10 photos. These actions create 70 different filmstrips.
Bent filmstrips
bent filmstrips
This set contains 18 actions that produce a host of beautiful bent filmstrips, using up to 10 photos. These actions create 54 different filmstrips.
Special filmstrips
special filmstrips
The third set contains 14 actions that go beyond the classic filmstrip effects, creating objects such as film rolls & cassettes, clapperboards, or imaginary filmstrip loops & circles.


The PDF user guides and video tutorials are available on the product documentation pageI also recommend you check my "Create a hanging filmstrip" tutorial.

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