Projection Screen

Create a projection screen from scratch and display your photos on it.

The animated version produces an impressive slideshow with a retractable screen and light beam effects!


  • projection screen Photoshop action example


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Operating System: Windows, macOS
Photoshop : CC, CS6, CS5, CS4
Photoshop Elements : 2021 to 15
The 3D & animation actions work in Photoshop CC & CS6 Extended


Detailed description:

The "Projection Screen" actions create a static and an animated projection screen from scratch.

The animated version produces an impressive slideshow with a retractable screen and light beam effects. The slideshow lasts for 60 seconds: it commences with the projection screen rolling down softly from the tube; the lights dim and 10 photos of your choice are being projected on the screen, while the projector light beam flashes. When the slideshow finishes, the room lights are switched on and the screen retracts back into the tube!

  • You can easily edit the 10 photos shown in the slideshow.
  • You can edit the intro text, at the beginning of the animation.
  • The action works in the English Photoshop CC version.

The static version places your photos on a static projection screen

  • You can customize the screen size to preference.
  • The actions make extensive use of vectors and smart objects / filters. This lets you get consistently great results, regardless your preferred image size.

GALLERY PHOTO CREDITS: The photo of Tuscany used in the static example was kindly provided by Shutterstock. Its ID is: 180212603.jpg

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